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Full Version: Exception when exporting classes/scripts
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I tried to export classes/scripts from XComGame using the command line, ver 1.2 Dev. It show up with quite a long list of exceptions, mainly EndOfStream Exceptions. Some classes was not serialized correctly. Popped up Task Manager and saw it taking about 30% CPU usage, and RAM usage keep on increasing. After a couple of minutes, it finally finished.

Here is a link to the upk file from XCom and log recorded: http://www.mediafire.com/?8wzg44a97d1lg87. BTW thanks for the awesome work!

EDIT: also, I found out that there are inconsistency between viewing code in UE Explorer vs. extracting via command line. Example: XGLevel.uc, line 78
when viewed in explorer: if(bBuildingWithinABuildingOnly && !kBVolume.m_bIsInternalBuilding)
in extracted file: if(BuildOptionString(bBuildingWithinABuildingOnly, UnresolvedNativeFunction_129(kBVolume.m_bIsInternalBuilding)))

Does this mean the code that parse classes in explorer and command line are different from each other?
The thrown exceptions are expected for Component archetypes, they have a different structure but are unfortunately undetectable without some ugly hacks or without linking every single game package.

Thanks for telling me, this is indeed a bug, caused by the fact the commandline doesn't link the natives table.

They are identical.