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Update Notes to
Download version:

Updates for
Added support for Bioshock Infinite.
Added support for Remember Me.
Added support for Alpha Protocol.

Fixed several bugs with UT3 and Mirrors Edge.
Fixed an issue with Hex Viewer.

Added a new feature to search objects by group. For example if you input Commandlet.Main then UE Explorer will search for the class Commandlet and output its Main function.

Updates for

Hex Viewer:
[Image: lgt27f7.png]
Open In -> Hex Workshop: It is now very easy and quick to open Hex Workshop with the opened file and auto scrolls to where the buffer is located.

[Image: CYmc2PN.png]
Help FAQ.

[Image: 5bb089aca83246688e296bb.png]
View Tokens: A much more detailed output.
1. Shows the corresponding buffer of each statement.
2. Memory and Storage positioned, and basic structure explanation built-in so you won't forget!
3. Shortened token names.

[Image: 45b882ba6e6c48ddaa4bd73.png]
Updated the Hex Viewer to highlight selected and hovered tokens. The pink is a JumpIfNot token's content, then the more purple/pink color is the IntConstToken's content.

Live editing and updating:


[Image: lgt150b.png]


[Image: INZFUzZ.png]

New Hex Viewer tools:
1. Copy Address, Copy Size.
2. Dump bytes will now replace the hyphen with a space delimiter.
3. Reload Package and Reload Buffer.

Auto-Updater: UE Explorer will now check for updates upon launch and give you the option to download and install with an ease.

New commandline arguments:
1. -newwindow (Opens a new window instance)
2. -silent (Only valid if -console is specified as well)

Engine Licensee Version is now displayed if available(e.g. Borderlands 2).

Recently Opened Files now displays its full path.

Streams are now opened with shared writing, so you can edit using your favorite Hex Editor and then using the Hex Viewer in UE Explorer you can hit CTR + D to update and preview its changes immediately.

Function calls with skipped parameters are now output correctly for UE3 packages.

Some Memory versus Storage size fixes for certain tokens.

Support for the new StateVariableToken and decompiling of Local variables in States.

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