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Rocket League, And its Encrypted UPKs
So im very new to the modding scene, and tackling a game like rocket league doesnt seem to be smart, but im making leaps and bounds with modding this games files.
What I am interest in is modding the upk files that contain all the data within "CookedPCGame"
What i have managed to do is use a decrypter found on reddit, which converts the UPK files to Upk.unpacked files viewable with UEexplorer
I have managed to extract all textures from the unpacked files to TGA format, including textures, lightmaps and materials
What i would like to know is:
Is there any way to recompile the files back into the UPK format?
I understand that Encrypted UPKs cant be read usually, but was wondering what would be needed to read/edit the key for each file.

I have managed to edit the .wem files within rocket league to play custom radio by using Wwise to create new .wem files using your own music and am working on creating new .Bak files in order to edit the sound effects for the game.

If anyone has any useful threads on encrypted UPKs and repacking it would be much obliged

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