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Arrays Data Structure
(12-07-2022, 09:26 AM)eliot Wrote: Hey,

You can find these data structures at Core.upk/Object.InterpCurvePoint*.

Also this might be an easy fix by configuring an array's type in UE Explorer, see:

I wish you good luck Smile

Hey, thanks for the pointers. Configuring the array type was the first thing I tried, and I did eventually get it working, but trying to configure the array type for the variable as listed in the actor class does jack all. The problem ended up being that the array was embedded in a struct, because (?).

For anyone else running into similar problems: The problem is that the array is embedded in a struct. Trying to declare the array properties using the variable name displayed in the .u won't work. You need to open the included buffer/hex editor, and get the name of the array embedded within the struct. In this case the variable name as displayed in the actor class was "PitchVsSpeedCurve", but the name of the array that was embedded in the struct was "Points".

So the solution is rather than configuring it as listed in the actor class as: 

you instead have to configure it as:


(Use whatever Package.Class is appropriate for your game)


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