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Any chance of publishing your findings?
UE Explorer is quite the lovely, and useful piece of software. Must have been quite the undertaking to develop the thorough understanding of upks, UnrealScript bytecode and all that.

Have you ever given any thought into collecting all that info into a document or forum post or whatnot? For those interested in games modding it could be some incredibly useful information.

Or is this information that is proprietary and can not be shared, or maybe it just took a lot of hard work to figure out and learn and you'd rather not share it? (or take too long to write all down Wink ).

Personally myself, I have a very minor modification I'd like to do to an Unreal Engine game. Specifically there is a single UE Script I'd like to change, however no mod tools have been released, so changing a Script would require changing the bytecode, which requires rather intimate knowledge of the bytecode structure itself and the upk organization. Something that for such a small mod is probably not worth spending all the time to learn the whole thing. (Quite literally it's modifying a single line: duplicating a function call, an addition, and division).

Having some form of documentation I could study to learn what I needed to accomplish the task, would actually make the small change a viable thing to try.

No worries if there is any thing preventing you from doing it, I was just curious myself if this was something you might do (or have already done, and I've just missed it).

Either way, thanks for all the work making such a useful and interesting tool.
Thanks =) Glad you like my program!

Yeah I've been thinking of it, even before the release, I even made a short article on it which you can read here

I'm not sure if Epic Games would mind, probably not. Yes to both Wink

The thing you're trying to do sounds just as difficult as manually editing the bytes and offsets, although programmatic it would go faster the second time, but if it's a one time thing only then you're better of just editing it manually, which trust might be a lot of or very little if the package is very small.

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