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Deserializing Unreal Packages - Data Structures
I have decided to make a small series of tutorials explaining the structure of Unreal Engine packages, though beware this will not be a full guide on the whole package structure data, there is no point in that as UE Explorer can understand most of this. The whole point is to help people understand the structures when modding the packages using hex-editing tools.

Here's the link =)
Wow, that sounds great. Can't wait to take a look. People don't really appreciate the amount of work something like this takes, you may understand all of it yourself, but to actually take that information from inside your head, and put it into a format that other people can actually read and understand, is no small task. Not to mention all the time it takes.

Kudos for doing it. Hope you get enough good feedback to make it worthwhile. But even still, there is always some little bit of joy to be found in sharing information.


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