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Deserializing Unreal Packages - Tables
Today's article is about deserializing tables:

Any feedback is welcome!
I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, but in order to decode the network protocol I need the linker index of classes in a package.
See this bit of documentation:

Quote:The networking code relies on a structure called package map which is used to communicate object references via indices. The package map code uses the object linker index and toplevel package name to convert objects to indices and back. Objects loaded via the seek free loading code won't have a linker associated with them so the code needs to store the original linker index in the seek free package and use that to build the package map.

Are the package map or the linker indices something that I can get from UEExplorer or its library? I looked through the source code, but I didn't find anything yet.

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