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Developer's Build 1.2
I've just started using the developer's build and it seems like a big improvement so far, so well done and thank you for updating it! Smile

I think I've found a bug when changing the position of the selected byte with the cursor keys. The left and right arrows move up and down respectively, rather than left and right (-1/+1 byte).

I haven't tested this next issue yet, but I think in v1.1 I don't think that empty function parameters were decompiled correctly (EX_EmptyParmValue = 0x4A). If this hasn't already been fixed or you're not sure what I'm talking about, I'll try and dig out an example that I've come across in the past Smile

Keep up the great work!

EDIT: It would also be nice if the Hex Viewer remembered the View ASCII/Byte settings as well as the window and column sizes Smile
Also, the selected byte changes when scrolling the view up and down.
1. That's intentional, well almost, I had issues with the focus of controls, where the scrollbar gets all input or either the hex panel only, so I preferred the scrollbar which treats left and right identical as up and down :/

2. Never seen this issue, feel free to show me an example or even the file with the issue.

3. I'll try to remember that Tongue

Thanks Smile
1. Shame about the left/right cursor issue, that'd be useful Sad

2. An example of the empty parameter issue; the following bytes:
1B 6E 04 00 00 00 00 00 00 2C 02 1D FF FF FF FF 4A 4A 1D FF FF FF FF 1D FF FF FF FF 4A 4A 4A 2C 25 16

Get decompiled as:
BuildItem(2, -1, -1, -1, 37);
As you can see, the empty parameters (4A) are ignored.

I would expect something similar to:
BuildItem(2, -1, null, null, -1, -1, null, null, null, 37);

This is the function being called:
noexport function BuildItem(int iItem, optional int iCashCost, optional int iEleriumCost, optional int iAlloyCost, optional int iTime, optional int iMaxEngineers, optional XComGame.XGGameData.ETechType eTechReq, optional XComGame.XGGameData.EItemType eItemReq, optional XComGame.XGGameData.EFoundryTech eFTech, optional int EImage)

3. The issue with the selected byte changing when scrolling, only seems to happen when clicking the scrollbar arrows (scroll one line) or using the mouse wheel. It doesn't happen when dragging the scroll bar or clicking to scroll up/down a page.

I love the new tooltip feature Smile
Thanks for the example, that's indeed a bug specific to the UE3 decompilation Big Grin
In older engines it's perfectly decompiled as
Function( 1,,, 4 )

I have listed your issue at

Yeah that feature is awesome Smile Technically I could do it for every byte but hell I'm afraid that might slow down the whole software at deserializing Tongue The data for the tokens don't slow it down because all the data was already stored anyway for decompilation later on.

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