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Batman: Arkham Knight/Batman: Arkham Origins
Hi EliotVU! I wasn't aware of this forum, I wrote a comment on github not too long ago requesting further support for Arkham Knight, and I feel it would be better to talk here.

I'm very glad you're working on furthering support for Arkham Knight, It would greatly benefit Arkham modding! 
Recently, I used UE Explorer to look through and edit BmScript functions in Arkham City's Frontend.upk
Thanks to its disassembling, I was able to restore cut features and edit several functions for use in the Arkham City Community Patch mod.

I'd also like to mention that Arkham Origins doesn't seem to be supported either. It's a bit different from City and Knight as there is an online multiplayer mode as well, which acts as a different version of the game with separate files. This online version of Origins was shutdown but thankfully, Arkham modders were able to restore it and get it working. 

I'm really looking forward to support for Knight as it's the most popular of the Arkham series, and my personal favorite. I don't mind waiting for several months, is there anything that I can send that would help? 


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