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Exception Occurred
First of all - thank you for still mantaining this tool Smile

Now, about the issue that I have - I'm trying to open ".u" and ".upk" files from game "Hawken", however no matter what I do I hit "Exception Occured" error each time. I tried decompressing them first (both with -lzo and without) and it doesn't seem to help. I saw that Hawken should be supported so I'm a little bit confused. I'll be extremely grateful for any help Sad

(some text on the right side is in Polish, it basically says "a non-negative number is required" and "parameter name: capacity"
In cases of some of the files I get "Unable to read data beyond the end of the stream." or "Array dimensions are out of supported range."

[Image: XN7Cu4M.png]
Has there been an update to Hawken recently? The copy I have is still working just fine on my end, version 860, and licensee version 4 in particular.

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