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Command line arguments
I looked around and could find barely any information on using UE Explorer from the command line. Is there a way I could get it to export the classes from a package into a folder? I managed to find a combination earlier that seemed to attempt to do this, but it threw an error that it was not a .u file (the files I'm working with are .upk but I don't have a way to convert them or anything).

The end goal is I want to be able to export multiple revisions of a game over time and do diffs on the files to see what's been changed (not sure how effective it would be though).
It's in the update notes, but I'll repeat it:

Make a new shortcut of UE Explorer and set the target as follows: "C:\Program Files (x86)\UE Explorer\UE Explorer.exe" "C:\UT2004\System\Core.u" -console -export=classes
Hmm, then I did have it right... I just get this error when I try to use it with the files I'm working with, figured I was just missing an argument. I think it's because UE Explorer dose not like the format. In the GUI I get a warning about an unknown package signature, it works just find if I tell it to continue anyway, but I can't do that here so it bombs.

Exporting package H:\Hawken\CLNEW\Decompressed\Alleys_Hangar.upk
An exception occurred while exporting H:\Hawken\CLNEW\Decompressed\Alleys_Hangar.upk
System.IO.FileLoadException: H:\Hawken\CLNEW\Decompressed\Alleys_Hangar.upk isn't a UnrealPackage file!
   at UELib.UPackageStream..ctor(String path, FileMode mode, FileAccess access)
   at UELib.UnrealPackage.DeserializePackage(String packagePath, FileAccess fileAccess)
   at UEExplorer.UI.Main.ProgramConsole.ProgramConsole_Shown(Object sender, EventArgs e)
Ah, indeed that won't work. You can hex edit the file's signature it's the first 4 bytes, change it to C1832A9E from 8C9231EA

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