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Hey! (Intro / Release Date Request)
Hello! I'm titegtnodI (On Unreal: First known as killahundead, then TheGuyWhoGotOn, but I've been titegtnodI for 5ish years now), I like to make mods (and almost never release them), and I've been looking for a uScript decompiler for the past half hour now and I stumbled upon this site.

It was mentioned mentioned UE Explorer would be released at the end of March, any new ETA?

Also as for addons and such, my favourite languages are C and Python, if I could be of any use just ask!


Nevermind! I'll just be patient, I found:

Quote:Not exactly.

But I have said before I was gonna release it at the end of the previous month Tongue I have it ready on my desktop as a setup, but haven't come to making an announcement yet! Maybe in a few days!
I have just released UE Explorer! Have fun Smile
Beware though that it is nowhere perfect on all packages, it's mostly optimized towards UDK and UT2004 as those were my primary goal!

p.s I love to make mods as well and never release them, even though I have plenty of mods on my site, that's in fact only a partition of it!

Unfortunately UE Explorer is C# but hey one day it might be open source or(private invite) so eh language preference isn't of any problem as long you understand well what you're doing!
Haha I understand C#, I just don't like using it :p. Maybe I could try to port it to C (or at least get a start) if / when UE Explorer becomes open-source ^-^.

I'm glad it works so well with Unreal 227h Smile.
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