UE Library

March 31, 2012

The UELib is a library for the Unreal Engine package files that go usually by the extension of .u, .upk and .udk. This library provides you the classes and functions to read the said package files and interpret the objects which reside in that package. This library understands packages from the first Engine generation up to the latest generation 3.

Supported Classes

  • UPackage
  • UNamesTable
  • UExportsTable
  • UImportsTable
  • UDependenciesTable
  • UGenerationsTable
  • UChunksTable
  • UArray
  • UObject
  • UField
  • UConst
  • UEnum
  • All Properties
  • UStruct
  • UFunction
  • All Tokens
  • UState
  • UClass
  • UTextBuffer
  • UMetaData
  • UFont
  • USound(UT2004 Only)

UE Explorer understands more than 38 games, where games are from UE1 and UE2 to UE3.

Used By



UELib was specifically developed for UE Explorer in C# .NET, the UELib.dll can be gathered by downloading UE Explorer.