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What is Linking?
Everytime a decompile fails for me its due to linking. I wonder what exactly it is. Turning it off shows only class declaration. PS is a 56-82mb .u file too large?
It is the process of converting the children index of a class of any other kind of field into an actual reference.

For example: class might have a children property with the number of 400, and at the linking process it will look for the object corresponding to that number from either the Exports or Imports table.

Most likely when it fails it is because the object was not found, which means the game is most likely not supported.
but why does it have to quit the whole process? Should it not be able to display the data it could find and then ignore the rest? (aka Skip that memory block or throw in some generic comment)
I decided to not ignore it because the linking part is very essential for the decompiler. If you still want to view a package which fails on linking, simply disable the linking in options(Not working at the moment apparently).

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