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Tables export search,counter
Hey Eliot, again thx for that amazing Program.

I'm now whas able to do what i whas needed thx to you,
your program show almost all.

But a got little trouble, i'm little stuck - i have
5490 sprites and theyr propreties, and its kind'a very hard for me and it takes a lot of time to find the sprite i need, i'm making hex editing,
and i need to look at sprite, to see how it changes, cause the algoritm they use, for exmple in theyr script C0 may mean size scale, so it takes time to understand, but most time takes on numbers, for exmple i need 700, but there are only 600, 500, so i need to guess how much it is,
its take a lot of time to slide down and to find the right emitter, according to its export numbers,

is it possible to add this feature table, to see where am i,
and to move to the offset ?
Will save me a lot of time, and might not only to me, who are editing games(scripts) that doesn't have UCC make program.
I'm not sure what you're trying to say.
(08-05-2012, 02:09 AM)eliot Wrote: I'm not sure what you're trying to say.

sorry, i just want a possibility to search between all of this emitters

there are 5000 of them, and its a bit hard to find which i need.

It is possible to make some search stuff ?
Right now you can't search anything at all in the exports. And if you consider the amount of objects available, searching would be really slow Tongue
yeah thx for reply,
but what if to make not search but a table like in hex editor ?
its ofc doesn't find me what i need, but its simplifies the looking for, like if i found what i need,

and edited it, then i reloaded the script.u to see the changes, and now i need again to find it =(,

will make it easier i guess ?

xm another question, is it possible to just place emitters, to where they belong, i mean like, in original, for exmple an spriteemitter2, meshemitter5, are belong to one package - xm st_fire_001,
so they are all in this st_fire_001,
but yeah your program makes it a bit difficult, cause its separate from packages, is it possible to make those sprite,mesh emitters, be in the package they whas ?

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