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Couple of questions/suggestions
Hey, I have been checking out your stuff.
  1. Are you going to open source this project? So that people can contribute thus make it grow faster.
  2. Have you consider using another programming language? C# is not particularly efficient.
  3. For supporting compressed packages, it might be possible to just include the decompressor tool in your software, so that when a package is identified as compressed, you can promt user where to extract to, and call the command line accordingly.
1. Have been thinking of this, but haven't gotten to it yet for legal reasons, I have no idea what license would be good enough. The source code is currently hosted on, I could send you an invite if you are willing to contribute, though beware the source code is like 27k lines, the UE Library is pretty clean and organized but the client part is somewhat messy at most.

2. At the beginning I thought of C++ which would have been a good excuse for me to become fluent in it and portfolio showcasing but I have decided to go with a more modern language C# which I hadn't done anything else with at that time. C# also has cool features such as Attributes which are rather cool to register unreal classes with etc so I'm definitely liking this choice very much! Not to mention good IDE support Cool

3. That's a good idea but I don't think distribution is allowed on the decompresser, although I'll talk to Gildor about this. But in the meantime it might be the best to build-in a decompresser, which I've tried before but gaven up on :/
Hmm.. I'm not quite sure if I can contribute to the project, since I'm really busy these days. However, if you need a helping hand, feel free to add me in and I will see what I can do. My bitbucket account is [REMOVED]. Yeah the name is lame but I made it years ago and don't want to mess things up.
About the license, you can pick MIT License or BSD License to make everyone's life simple. GPL v3 is stricter, preventing people from doing funny things without acknowledging you. There is this site that I like:
Hey again,

I have invited you to the repository, sorry for taking so long. I still haven't decided on a license yet but for the meantime it'll remain under "All rights reserved".

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