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Update Notes -
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Updates for
Added new View option "View Disassembled Tokens".

Added state tracking, which remembers what object you decompiled the last time per-file basis. Upon loading a file you will be brought back to the last content state.

Added :Replication, :Tokens, and :Tokens-Disassembled suffixes for the object search input form.

Added configurable templates for :Tokens and :Tokens-Disassembled, you can now configure the output format by editing the files in "UE Explorer/Config/Templates/".

Fixed an issue with "Swat 4" files.

Updates for
Added an option to build the classes TreeView into a classes hierachy view:
[Image: ziifXoT.png]

Enabled BinaryMetaData in public build, this means a lot of data will be recorded while the package is being deserialized, this data can then be accessed through "View Buffer".

Added the following new context menu features:
- (Node)View Outer
- (Node)View Parent
- (Text selection)Search in Document
- (Text selection)Search in Classes
- (Text selection)Search as Object

Added defaultproperties support for the game "Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale"

Added the function "ReturnValue" property to the "Parameters" node.
Added "ScriptText", "CppText", "ProcessedText", "Within", "Super", and "NextField" as ObjectNodes in the classes TreeView where available.
Added new interface icons and updated old icons to Visual Studio 2013.

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