I have been developing mods and software since 2004, all downloadable free of charge through my website. I have spent hundreds of hours from 2009-present on my UnrealScript decompiler, a donation of any amount as a thank you would be very appreciated.

Donations towards UE Explorer

Since UE Explorer 1.2 donations are listed in the About dialog!

Date Name Comment
2012/03/10 xdemic "thanks for a great app"
2012/03/16 Gimp "Donation for your awesomesauce UE Explorer :P"
2012/03/17 Wayne ...
2012/03/20 Gilcimar "Donation for UE Explorer"
2012/03/22 Kim "Thanks for the hard work!"
2012/03/24 Jasko "Donation for UE Explorer, waiting since ages for a tool like this, thanks alot!"
2012/03/26 Spiff ...
2012/03/27 David ...
2012/03/31 Matthias "Good Job man ;)"
2012/05/11 Hector "support software"
2012/05/17 olox "APB support."
2012/06/07 Gimp "1.1 Update"
2012/11/23 Andre "Small incentive and thanks for UE Explorer 1.2 when its released"
2013/01/12 Christopher (Hawken support)