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Many UDK developers may know the console command "Gamma [FLOAT]" but as most of you know, the gamma value is never saved(resets after game restart). However this can be easily saved without having to mirror the gamma value in your GUI. It is indeed possible to read the gamma value stored in the engine by accessing the Client class. This class is grouped under Engine but yet if you look for it in the Engine/Classes folder you can't seem to find the Client class yet you can access its variables.

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UE Explorer version is now available for download, widening the support of games by 7, dozen of fixes, and new features.

Update Notes


  • Supported Special Force 2
  • Supported Borderlands 2
  • Supported Stargate Worlds
  • Supported Shadow Complex
  • Supported XIII(Not perfect)
  • Supported Hawken
  • Supported Dishonored

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"Hi! This is the home of the Unreal Development Database! We’re just getting started but intend to grow into one of the most complete Unreal Engine development resources out there. And you can help! Sign up to get your projects, dev tools, tutorials and more in our listing and gain instant visibility!"


As seen on the UnrealDB.com website, a site attempting to list every game ever developed on the Unreal Engine. While that sounds sort of not worth the trouble, well it isn't but the site does much more than that which is actually the really interesting part of the site, the site providers developers another way to get traffic through discovery, such as for Assets, Tutorials, and Tools.


I certainly have submitted my projects such as Forms and UE Explorer to the tools category!

In this article I will be explaining the structure of Tables used in Unreal package files such as .upk, and .u files. The structures explained here are only for the Unreal Engine 3. You can also read the previous article.

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In this article I will be explaining the data structures used in Unreal package files such as .upk, and .u files. The structures explained here are only for the Unreal Engine 3. Data Structures are a little different in Unreal Engine 2, and 1.

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Image Resizer/Scaler an add-on for Mozilla's FireFox web browser has just been updated to version 1.2, the new version improves and fixes several things but most importantly swaps the dragging method from (LMB)Left Mouse Button to the (RMB)Right Mouse Button, this means you'll run into much less dragging conflicts.


A demonstration of Image Resizer/Scaler:


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UE Explorer version 1.1 is now available for download, widening the support of games by 8, with 13 changes, and 9 fixes.

Update Notes

The new update adds support for the following 8 games:

  • APB: All Points Bulletin
  • Gears of War 2
  • Gears of War 3
  • Singularity
  • Roboblitz
  • NASA's Moonbase Alpha
  • Medal of Honor: Airborne(Reasonable)
  • Mirrors Effect(Revised)

In version 1.1 i have fixed several issues with re-compiling decompiled code, with more complete code i.e specifiers, as well bugs with the decompilation of NativeFunction calls in UE3 packages, and many more.

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For years people have been looking and trying to make a decompiler for UnrealScript for games such as Unreal Tournament 3 etc, as of 5 April this has became true, I have released my first C# program called UE Explorer.


For all the new people to this area, you'll probably ask what's a decompiler? A decompiler is a program that does the opposite of a compiler, which is converting all those bytes back into readable code as it was before it converted all those text structures into bytecodes.


However this isn't exactly the point of this article, in this article I'll demonstrate some of the less known features of UE Explorer that provide you more insight into how bytecodes work and all that fancy technical stuff :)

View Tokens

Let's take a look at the Subtract_LinearColorLinearColor operator in the UDK Core file:


This is the code that gets executed whenever you subtract a LinearColor instance with another LinearColor instance. K good to know if you are learning UnrealScript, but I'm just showing this to you so we can go through on how it looks in bytecodes.


UE Explorer has this amazing fancy feature called "View Tokens" you can find this when you right click on a function and then click on "View Tokens" this will decompile the function as above but this time it will output the tokens order as well.


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