TrialGroup gives Level Designers the necessary tools to integrate and develop cooperative trick jumping puzzle levels for trials.

March 20, 2011


TrialGroup is a cool addition for Trial mappers, with TrialGroup Level Designers can build more complex trial puzzles for cooperative designed trial maps.



TrialGroup provides several tools for Level Designers such as:

  • GroupManager
    • Necessary to define Group limits
  • GroupTriggerVolume
    • A volume which groups can instigate; L.Ds can configure the amount of group members that are required for instigation
  • GroupLinkedTriggerVolume
    • Similar to GroupTriggerVolume, except this one's is designed to build more complex puzzles where teams have to sync multiple areas in the map in order to instigate its event.
  • GroupTaskComplete
    • L.Ds can add group tasks to the level which can be accomplished through GroupTriggerVolumes or any actor that can instigate events.
  • GroupEventTrigger
    • Just like traditional triggers, except this one triggers the specified event for each member of the instigator's group.
  • GroupObjective
    • Just like traditional objectives, except this one checks whether the instigator's group has accomplished all GroupTasks.


The following maps are designed specifically for TrialGroup by the community.