April 06, 2012 was the first website I have developed for a client. The website is built from scratch such as the theme, templates, and even the Content Management System(CMS). With the requested features to be able to create categories, pages, and navigation links, all from within the site itself. This was accomplished with the CakePHP MVC framework using its built in support features such as its database bindings.


  • Create pages and associate them with any category such as a custom or supported one like Footer and About
  • Create navigation links for the navigation bar
  • Create categories to categorize any created page
  • Admin Login

Behind the Scenes

The site was developed using CakePHP 2.0 and was my first website for somebody other than myself.


To site is built with the following technology:

  • PHP with CakePHP(Framework)
  • HTML/CSS for layout and styling
  • PhpMyAdmin to create databases when developing.
  • tinyMCE(WYSIWYG text editor)
  • Wamp to test locally
  • NetBeans as my IDE for development!