August 24, 2009

Eliot'sTrial is a challenge for Trials named after myself. Eliot'sTrial uses a classic gameplay style such as Bunny Track which is a very famous gametype on the first Unreal Tournament also recognized as UT99, Bunny Tracks are challenges where you are required to respond as fast as possible to situations such as moving platforms which are constantly looping or triggered by shooting a target which may only be open for a half second or less! This brings a huge variation of challenges to players who love to test their concentration and reflexes by tricks which require highly accurate time precision such as jumping within time on a moving platform or pressing buttons within time, you name it! These maps nearly cover everything and that's the goal of this map to accomplish as well!

The map takes about 2-4 min to complete, where you are challenged constantly by timed challenges for the endurance of 2 to 4 min!

Eliot'sTrial was released in 2009 on August 26, which was my 19th birthday!

Eliot'sTrial - Part 2

A second part for Eliot'sTrial was started in early 2010, although this part has not been released yet.
The second part adds almost 2 minutes to the map's length for average players, or a minute for speed runs.