Unreal Library

March 31, 2012

The Unreal library (UELib) provides you an API to read (parse/deserialize) the contents of Unreal Engine game package files such as .UDK, .UPK. Its main purpose is to decompile the UnrealScript byte-code to its original source-code. It accomplishes this by reading the necessary Unreal data classes such as: UObject, UField, UConst, UEnum, UProperty, UStruct, UFunction, UState, UClass, UTextBuffer, UMetaData, UFont, USound, UPackage Classes such as UStruct, UState, UClass, and UFunction contain the UnrealScript byte-code which we can deserialize in order to re-construct the byte-codes to its original UnrealScript source.

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UELib was specifically developed for UE Explorer, written in C# using the .NET Framework.