August 01, 2006

A mutator aimed towards Trials where people play with ShieldGuns to boost themself into a certain direction. However the built-in ShieldGun auto-releases while charged when you get nearby a team-mate, that is a really annoyance to anyone but that is longer the case now that we got this Mutator! Aside from that, this Mutator implements a lot of new additional Trial friendly features and fixes.

See more: UnrealWiki : MutNoAutoFire.

Key Features

  • Game Fixes
    • Online Animation: All animations are now played properly on the client's side.
    • Online Gibbing: Broken gibbing effects are now played.
    • Movers Glitch: Players no longer can glitch through movable walls.
    • Team Killing: Players no longer can kill team mates by switching from team while a projectile is still alive.
    • MultiDodging Hack: Cheaters can no longer use hacks that exploit MultiDodge allowing them to dodge unlimited without any delay.
    • Landing Sound: MutNoAutoFire ensures that a landing sound is played on every landing so that you can time dodging better!
    • Hurt Animation: The animation that's played when you are hurt by yourself when trick-jumping is now deleted, so you can see the animations of your tricks, that Epic Games intended. This fix can be toggled by using "TogglePlayDirectionalHit".
    • Automatic-Release: MutNoAutoFire will prevent your ShieldGun from automatically firing/releasing on your team mates! (This was the initial purpose of this whole Mutator, since this was a major issue on Trials).
    • Shield Hit Reflection Sound: The sound that's played when the Shield is hit, can now be heard online!
    • Alt-Fire Sound: The Alt-Fire sound of the ShieldGun can now be heard online and offline!
    • ShieldGun Sounds: Sounds are now more clear to hear and more responisable online to improve your ShieldJumping experience!
    • Primary-Fire Third-Person Effects: The charging effects can now be seen by other players and yourself(Third-Person).
    • Secondary/Alt-Fire Third-Person Effects: The Shield effects rotation is now adapted to where you are really looking!
  • Features
    • Customizable Suicide Messages: Set your own suicide message using "SetSuicideMessage %o suicided!", you can use "GetCurrentSuicideMsg" to continue modifying your message!
    • Customizable Drowning Damage: Set the amount of damage a player takes when he's drawing, useful to eliminate water mazes.
    • Default Selected Weapon: MutNoAutoFire will help you have the ShieldGun selected by default, which is more useful than the AssaultRifle.
    • Customizable ShieldGun Color: Customize your ShieldGun weapon by using a built-in menu or using the console command "SetShieldColor (R=???,G=???,B=???,A=???)". You can also open the menu using one of the following commands: "ShieldMenu", "ShieldGunMenu", "MNAFMenu" or "SGMenu".
    • Fire Timing: The ShieldGun's crosshair will now indicate if your weapon is ready to be fired, assisting you in timing your ShieldJumping tricks! This feature can be toggled by using the console command: "ToggleCrosshairColor".

ShieldGun Menu

A picture of the ShieldGun menu which can be opened by typing in the console command "ShieldMenu".

In this picture you see a preview of how your ShieldGun would look with the present settings.
Below the ShieldGun preview, the player can configurate the colors such as Red, Green and Blue but also the Alpha for transparency.

On the left side of the menu, the player can also configurate styles using checkboxes,
one of these styles can be Rainbow ShieldGun which is a setting that enables the ShieldGun's color to smoothly fade from color to color!


In these pictures you can see the enhanced ShieldGun which was setup with the default color green.