January 01, 2006

A mutator designed to be embedded into your Maps made for Unreal Tournament 2004. This mutator brings the possibility to enhance the players movements, and other various player properties.

LevelConfigManager also provides a lot of new unique Triggers and other various actors for the Level Designer to use.

Notable actors

  • Delay Trigger : Provides an anti-trigger delay on any actor that doesn't implement an anti-trigger spam delay on its own.
  • Stand Trigger : Provides a base test on the instigator which means you can put a rule on triggers where the instigator(activator) needs to be standing on a Mover or an other kind of actor.
  • Hit Count Trigger : Provides the ability to trigger its own when an amount of hit counts have been detected within a certain time limit.
  • Delayed Trigger : (Starts at match begin)For every specified amount of time that is spent will instigate its own event for as long the match lasts(useful for looping events etc).

See more: UnrealWiki : LevelConfigManager.

Start Weapons

LevelConfigManager provides one main actor to customize general game properties such as Default Weapons which lets you build a list of weapons every player will spawn/start with. This is also especially useful for cases where you want to make a map and want every player to start off with zero guns, this can be easily done by clearing the list and setting bEnabled to true so it will indeed use your settings over that of the game.

Player Properties

LevelConfigManager lets you also customize hundreds of player properties such as Health, Maximum Health, Shield Strength, run/walk/swim speed.


Additionally you can also customize the look of players per map such as their Mesh model and Skin(s) textures. You can also add special effects to be attached to players such as Emitters or any other object that is compatible.



I recommend checking the UnrealWiki link above as it covers every property in detail or just download the mod and see it for yourself!