Khan Academy - Binary Exercises

November 22, 2011

Binary to DecimalProvides several binary related exercises for the famous free online education organization the

Students are challenged with generated binary to decimals and decimals to binary puzzles. The students must reach a maximum streak goal in order to complete the exercise and become proficient in it, so he or she may move on to the next exercise.

On top of that there's another exercise which involves solving binary with the binary operators such as "OR", "XOR", "NOT", "AND", "LSH" and "RSH".$teaser


You can practice the binary exercises on the Khan Academy: sandcastle.
Binary to Decimal
Decimal to Binary


Thanks to Michal Pokorny for polishing these exercises(hints).


These binary exercises were developed to be contributed to the Khan Academy project, and are therefor open source and licensed under the Creative Commons license.