Tech Challenges

September 01, 2009

TechChallenges is a Trials series map pack which began since 2009 with a new map every week, with the goal of delivering short and fast speed maps, aimed towards low and high skilled trial players whom have the desire to showoff their best speed runs on those 1 minute(average) speed maps.

The map pack is called TechChallenges because "Tech" is the theme all the maps use, where "Challenges" came from the typical short and fast speed maps

The map pack contains about 13 unique maps, some of them have two versions which we call A or B where A is the easier one and B is the harder one which may require high precision skills to accomplish.

The maps are designed to look very clean using the "Tech" theme(they were also the first to make use of the new TechTexPackage 5), the maps have a very typical shared design concept, such as the fact that every map has a unique color, and have a typical border usage using shaders with masked colors. the maps also are designed to be very straight forward but while they are also very short usually 1 minute, every map makes huge use of crate/boxes placement to provide alternative paths, adding the ability for players to come up with yet unknown shortcuts to shorten the map even further. Every map makes use of the UnrealEd mutator "LevelConfigManager" to easily strip the weapons(with some exceptions) from the maps so they usually become about pure dodge/jump timing skills.

The series map pack was created by Eliot Van Uytfanghe and Haydon Jamieson a.k.a Billa for the #1 Trials server "Elite Trial Records".