Random Pickup Spawns

October 31, 2011

Random Pickup Spawns is a mutator for Unreal Tournament 2004.


The idea is simple, spawn a random pickup every several random seconds based on a minimum and maximum seconds input.


It is basically like a wildcard of pickups, every interval a random pickup will be spawned from a set pickup classes, by default the list has all reasonable stock pickups with the addition of a special custom pickup designed for Halloween, this pickup is a trick or treat, either it gives you minor or major advantages or disadvantages! The advantage or disadvantage is randomized as well!

The halloween pickup mesh!

Pickup Treats

A treat could be one or more of the below randomized advantage per pickup.

The first set is always performed.

  1. +100 Adrenaline (capped)
    1. Double Damage(15 seconds to 30 seconds)
    2. Berserk (permanent until death)
    3. Movement Speed increased by 50%
    4. Regeneration (Health and Shield) +1 every tenth of a second for a total of 10 seconds

Pickup Tricks

A trick could be two or more of the below randomized disadvantage per pickup.

The first set is always performed.

  1. Lose all Adrenaline
  2. -50% damage scaling(Stackable but capped to 50% of the original scaling)
    1. -80% Movement Speed for 20 seconds
    2. Lose the weapon you're holding
    3. Degeneration take 2 to 4 damage every 0.40 second for a total of 10 seconds
      1. Take 12 to 31 damage if degeneration was not a trick



NOTE: This mutator is not exlusively for Halloween. You can use this for any other kind of pickups, make sure you have a look at the configuration settings!


Thanks to Haydon Jamieson for the Halloween pickup mesh and skin!