February 01, 2012

EliotVU.com is my personal website that I've developed early 2012. The aim of this website is to showcase most of my work that I've done over the years for games such as UT2004 using Unreal Technology, it also showcases my other work including such Software as UE Explorer, or even Image Resizer/Scaler which is a surprisingly popular add-on for Mozilla Firefox with an average of 2,500 daily active users.

Behind the Scenes

Originally I started developing a personal website in my spare time using nothing but pure HTML, CSS, and PHP without any framework, however I dropped that later in favor of CakePHP which is a complex and superior framework, although it does have a long learning curve once you realize the default implementations won't cut it at all.


In total I have used these technologies that were related to the development of my website:

  • PHP with CakePHP(Framework)
  • HTML/CSS for layout and styling
  • tinyMCE(WYSIWYG text editor)
  • JavaScript with jQuery(Library) for admin pages such as tips, hide/show
  • PhpMyAdmin to create databases when developing.
  • Wamp to test locally
  • NetBeans as my IDE for development!