February 05, 2012

So today I've spent hours optimizing the site, as you can, now there are page links at the bottom of this page, this will improve the search engine results as well making the site easier to navigate,
what else I've done is learning Search Engine Optimizations aka SEO hence the article's title,
so I read some things about on here 18 things you need to know about seo at Bing, very great read I recommend checking it out if you are willing to improve your website for search engines!

So the article recommended taking a look at as well, which I did, although this isn't much of use to this site nor (probably) will it ever be useful here but nonetheless I tried my best implementing all possible related tags on this site that could be of use, and all that just for the sake of the experience and knowledge!

Another thing the article suggested was the thin-content, so then I decided to write this article, even though I hardly got any visitors yet, but I couldn't use that as an excuse as that would only lead the site to stay near empty.

Hope you found those links useful as well, in the meantime I'm gonna keep digging for more knowledge!