Image Resizer/Scaler 1.2

July 31, 2012

Image Resizer/Scaler an add-on for Mozilla's FireFox web browser has just been updated to version 1.2, the new version improves and fixes several things but most importantly swaps the dragging method from (LMB)Left Mouse Button to the (RMB)Right Mouse Button, this means you'll run into much less dragging conflicts.


A demonstration of Image Resizer/Scaler:



Version 1.2 introduces the following changes:

  • Changed: Swapped the resizing button from LeftMouseButton to the RightMouseButton.
  • Changed: If an image has been resized, you can right click it to restore the image to its original size, if instead you drag then you'll continue scaling the image.
  • New: Images now have a tooltip to indicate whether the image can be resized or restored to its original size.
  • New: While resizing an image, a dashed outline will now be shown etc!
  • Improved: Changes are no longer applied to the image but to a specified custom class.
  • Improved: Images smaller than 32 pixels wide or length can no longer be resized.
  • Improved: Images loaded post page-loading can now be resized as well!
  • Removed: Double Click no longer maximizes images, use CTRL+MiddleMouseButton instead.

NOTE: To rescale an image, you will have to drag with the right mouse button instead of the left mouse button!

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