UE Explorer update 1.1 released

June 25, 2012

UE Explorer version 1.1 is now available for download, widening the support of games by 8, with 13 changes, and 9 fixes.

Update Notes

The new update adds support for the following 8 games:

  • APB: All Points Bulletin
  • Gears of War 2
  • Gears of War 3
  • Singularity
  • Roboblitz
  • NASA's Moonbase Alpha
  • Medal of Honor: Airborne(Reasonable)
  • Mirrors Effect(Revised)

In version 1.1 i have fixed several issues with re-compiling decompiled code, with more complete code i.e specifiers, as well bugs with the decompilation of NativeFunction calls in UE3 packages, and many more.

  • Packages with non-unreal signatures will now prompt a dialog with yes/no on whether you still want to load the package.
  • Linking exceptions are now ignored.
  • Exporting scripts now export the DefaultProperties as well if available.
  • MetaData comments are now formatted as single-line and multi-line if detected.
  • Reorganized the packages and options tab slightly.
  • Struct references are no longer decompiled with outers e.g. "Core.Object.Vector" now becomes just "Vector".
  • Added flag "Encrypted" for UT99.
  • Added flags "Compressed" and "FullyCompressed" for UE3 packages.
  • Added support for variable specifiers "EditHide" and "CrossLevelActive".
  • Added support for param specifier "Init".
  • Added support for class specifiers "ForceScriptOrder( true )" and "NativeOnly".
  • Added support for code statement "FilterEditorOnly{...}".
  • Added NativesTableList for UT3 and rebuilt the NativesTableList for UDK.

I have also made several improvements to the "Switch"/"Case" nesting where "return" end the case instead of a "break", although this is still far from perfect, because the information provided in Unreal packages is not very clear where a "Switch" ends, since it is irrelevant for execution.

  • Changed the "Package is cooked" warning to a "Compressed" warning.
  • Better formatting for Switch/Case nests.
  • Removed UDK-2011-04 NativesTableList, and replaced with UDK-2012-05 (04 was identical to 08).
  • Fixed: Assert( ... ) tokens for packages above version 535(assumption based on Mirrors Edge).
  • Fixed: PostOperators for Unreal Engine 3 games. PostOperators were detected as binary operators which caused the "++ )" issue.
  • Fixed: State code for UT3 and other UE3 games.
  • Fixed: "NoEditInlineNew" to "NotEditInlineNew".
  • Fixed: Interface variables like "FIController" were decompiled as "interface".
  • Fixed: Structs now output a semicolon at the end of the struct.

That's it for this version! Feel free to report bugs, or make a suggestion, on my forum!

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