UE Explorer update released

February 05, 2013

UE Explorer version is now available for download, widening the support of games by 7, dozen of fixes, and new features.

Update Notes


  • Supported Special Force 2
  • Supported Borderlands 2
  • Supported Stargate Worlds
  • Supported Shadow Complex
  • Supported XIII(Not perfect)
  • Supported Hawken
  • Supported Dishonored


  • You can now export .WAV sounds from games such as UT2003 and UT2004, etc


  • Decompiled subobjects or archetypes will now have an reference printed below them
  • Indentation can now be customized throughout the Options tab
  • Decompiled functions whom are native will now have an reference printed above the declaration revealing its C++ declaration name
  • CPPText and StructCPPText blocks are now decompiled if available
  • Added a new feature in options, making it possible to define the structure of custom arrays, for example when an array fails to decompile you can go to options and define its structure and try again!
  • Float values are no longer decompiled to the precision of 2 anymore. For example: 1.205 was decompiled to 1.20
  • Function precedences are now decompiled for example prior update “(4 + 5) * 4” was decompiled as “4 + 5 * 4”
  • Default UStructProperties and UArrayProperties now fetch their associated property to properly determine the array type even if nested deeply
  • \r and \n escape chars are now properly displayed for both string constants and default string values
  • Array variables whom have a fixed size determined by an Enum constant are now decompiled as well
  • Enum comparisons such as ENetMode and ENetRole are now replaced with their corresponding enum name
  • Improved looping ifs and foreach iterations. Breaks, continues are now suppressed when necessary and printed in situtations they weren't previously
  • NoExport specifier is now suppressed on UE3+ builds as it became redundant
  • K2Call, K2Override, and K2Pure function specifiers are now decompiled
  • Supported many more UnrealScript casting tokens such as StringToDelegate, ObjectToInterface, InterfaceToObject, and InterfaceToBool
  • Better handling of buffer disposing and DeserializeOnDemand handling which means a much faster package loading process


  • Added an Context Menu for the Text Editor with the following choices: “Copy”, “Search UnrealWiki for …”
  • Added “Managed Properties” to object nodes(This shows all the C# properties of a object, to be used for reading purposes only")
  • New functionality for the Hex Viewer tool such as “Copy Bytes”, “Copy View”, “Import Binary File”, and “Export Binary File”
  • Easier access to the context menu of already selected nodes
  • Added “Recent Opened Files” under “File”
  • You can now export classes/scripts using the commandline, for example: "UE Explorer.exe" "FILEPATH" -console -export=classes(or scripts)
  • Added Find in Document, Find in Classes, and Find Next. Including shortcuts
  • Added new Context Menu shortcuts such as "View Processed Script", "View CPP Script", "Table Buffer", and "DefaultProperties Buffer"
  • Using the "View Buffer" on functions will now auto generate data structures for the functions code partition
  • Supported the Dutch language
  • Dontators of UE Explorer can now see their first name/nickname in the About dialog
  • Contextmenu options for nodes such as "View Tokens" are now also accessible through the Exports/Content tabs.
  • It’s now possible to view the buffer of Import and Export tables
  • Back and Forward now restores the Text Editor scrolled position
  • Window size, state, and position is now restored for the Main Form and Hex Viewer Dialog
  • Polished look of the overall application
  • More and better lazy loading of tabs which means a much faster package loading process


  • Corrected version compatibility for all package versions
  • Gears of War 2(and many other games) classes are now properly deserialized(No longer rendered in red)
  • Fixes for Find such as: restart from carret not from last find position
  • Fixes for NO defaultproperties in Dungeon Defenders, Singularity, Crimecraft, Roboblitz, and UT3
  • Fixed missing statements in the Replication block if a package was built with debug tokens
  • Parameters with default values are now properly detected by using NothingTokens as skipped parameters
  • Empty config specifiers no longer have parentheses
  • (For UE3+ packages) decompilation of defaultproperties no longer stops after not finding an array's type


That's it for this version! Feel free to report bugs, or make a suggestion on my forum!

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