New BestTimes Update!

February 29, 2012

Screen 2Screen 1A new version has been created and uploaded to the Elite Trials Records server on Unreal Tournament 2004 of MutBestTimes.

The new update consists of several new features, slight improvements to the HUD and several fixes.

  • New "Account" tab in the BestTimes panel
  • New feature to trade your currency with other players with a fee of 20%
  • New feature to hire the recorded ghost to follow you for a price of 25 currency
  • A more compact (top right HUD) record details
  • Better looking Achievement Unlocked
  • Achievement Progressed is now displayed just like Steam or Achievement Unlocked
  • Trophies HUD location is moved to avoid achievement conflicts
  • Fixes to the GUI's in BestTimes panel for Trophies and Achievements

MutBestTimes UT2004 Mods